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Fornet——For Cleanliness
2019-04-03 15:58:43

One thing to do in 22 years: for cleanliness

The three founders of Fornett are Belgium and Spain's second or third generation Chinese. They own their own companies and are successful businessmen. Before founding Fornett, they had a lot of import and export business with China. One day in the mid-1990s, when they were hosting businessmen from Beijing in a cafe on the streets of Paris, France, they spilled coffee on their clothes. When everyone was at a loss, the cafe waiter told them that there was a laundry next to the cafe and that they would soon be able to wash their clothes. Sure enough, in less than an hour, the guests were given a clean, ironed suit. At this time, they are good at grasping business opportunities from the customer's surprise expression can not help thinking:'Why not introduce this laundry business model and service concept to their motherland?’

In July 1997, the company was formally established, and opened the first shop in Xidan, Beijing. The brand-new laundry mode in Europe has been widely concerned by the industry and the media.

Fornet National Store Distribution

The reinvestment rate of Fornet is considerable. More than 28% of the hundreds of franchisees across the country have opened two, three or even six stores. With its own strengthes, perfect system and standardized service, Fornet has won the trust of consumers and the favor of investors.

Photo taken at the annual meeting of Fornet Franchisers

With high quality service and good brand image, Fornet has become a new symbol of fashion life and created a new business model. Over the past 22 years, Fornett has reached long-term strategic partnership with Carrefour, Wal-Mart, Darunfa, Shenzhen Wanxiangcheng, Wanda and other international well-known chain brands. 

At the same time, it has established long-term friendly laundry cooperation with many domestic large and medium-sized enterprises such as Huarun Wanjia, Greenland Group and Yonghui Supermarket. In addition, Fonet has also built a modern washing factory in Shanghai to provide services for an internationally renowned theme park, and has reached strategic cooperation with Internet apparel rental company Yi 23 to build thousands of square meters of laundry factories.

Nantong YiErSan Laundry Factory

A laundry that pursues quality, a laundry that you can rest assured of

In the course of more than 20 years'brand development, Fornet has provided two service modes: shop-to-shop and door-to-door. Among them, cleaning clothes, shoes, bags, curtains and other items can be taken from the door or sent directly to the Fornet Laundry for cleaning; while carpets, sofas, mattresses and other large households can enjoy door-to-door cleaning services. Nowadays, most of Fornet's stores adopt the business model of front stores and back factories to make customers ‘see and feel more at ease’. This business model not only brings customers 24 hours, the fastest 2 hours of laundry service, but also allows customers to monitor the entire laundry process, so that laundry consumption becomes more secure, faster and more efficient.

Main Services of Fornet

'Front Store and Back Factory' Business Model of Fornet

Daily Operations of Fornet Employees (1)

Daily Operations of Fornet Employees (2)

Fornet Laundry uses fully enclosed environmental-friendly dry cleaners, professional wet washers and commercial water washers imported from Europe to clean clothes for customers, and distillation of dry detergents is carried out in each cycle to make the clothes shape-preserving and easy to preserve. The cold ironing table used by Fornet can provide better ironing effect than the traditional ironing table, cold plate technology, secondary heating ironing and suction and blast system. Make ironed clothes flu smooth and natural fit; the box-type stain removal table with air filter, imported professional stain removal agent and the oil and rust removal agent developed by Fornet Company independently, have strong pertinence to various stains, and the effect of stain removal is obvious... Fornet professional and highly functional equipment with safety professional detergent chemicals, casting a pursuit of quality laundry, a laundry you can rest assured.

Advanced Intelligent Equipment of Fornet (1)

Advanced Intelligent Equipment of Fornet (2)

Full Channel Operation Model of Fornet

In order to serve consumers more quickly, online and offline self-service such as APP, Wechat applet, self-access wardrobe have been developed and applied. In order to listen to customers'voices more efficiently and directly, Fornet has launched a two-dimensional code of 'One Clothes and One Research', which allows every customer's comments and suggestions to be fed back to the laundry at the first time. In the laundry more efficient and faster to optimize their own service system, so as to achieve customer value increment. In addition, Fornet uses online training system and distance learning software to synchronize the latest laundry technology to the Fornet Laundry in the country for the first time. The pursuit of maximizing customer value is the consistent pursuit of Fornet.

Fornett Service Orientation

High quality, fast, professional service, reasonable price

Over the past twenty-two years, Fornet has always been serving every customer with 'professional service, reasonable price', and adhered to the business philosophy of honesty, pragmatism and pursuit of excellence. 'Let every customer who comes to Fornet return with satisfaction' is our goal. 'For clean' is the eternal pursuit of Fornet people. In each service, Fornett is to 'manage trust, create value, do their best' corporate culture concept to more people, so that more customers trust Fornet's service quality, feel Fornet's unique brand temperature.

Motto of Fornet

Brand Extension-Manula

In 2007, Fornet introduced the Manula brand. So far, Manula has opened more than 100 chain stores, covering nearly 115 cities in 21 provinces and municipalities directly under the Central Government. Manula has always followed the 'professional, fast, omnipotent' service characteristics, on the basis of the existing conditions of clothing, combined with demand, to provide customers with clothing modification, including shrinkage, weight change, modification, cutting, zipper change, lining change and clothing personalized design modification services. Today, 'Manula' has become a synonym for professional change.

Store of Manula

Manula——Change Burberry Umbrella into Fashion Short Skirt

Brand Extension: Household Daily Chemicals

Fornet has always inherited the corporate culture of 'for clean'. In order to better meet the needs of customers, Fornet developed a series of daily chemicals, so that customers can not only feel 'very clean' in Fornet Laundry, but also bring 'very clean' home to beautify life! Up to now, Fornet mainly develops and produces more than 20 customized products for nursing and cleaning, providing customers with clean, safe and caring household laundry and cleaning supplies.

Fornet Household Daily Chemicals Products Series

Enterprise Qualifications and Awards

Member of the Board of Directors of the International Fabric Care Committee

Vice-Director Unit of Washing and Dyeing Professional Committee of China Federation of Commerce

Executive Director Unit of China Chain Operation Association

Vice President Unit of Beijing Washing and Dyeing Industry Association

Beijing Washing and Dyeing Industry Association and Technical Supervision Bureau authorized garment appraisal qualified units

Beijing Washing and Dyeing Industry Association authorized designated training units for the washing and dyeing industry

First batch of franchised enterprises filed by the Ministry of Commerce of China

Winning the Excellent Chinese Chartered Brand Award in 2019

Laundry & Laundry Factory Award, 2018 Global Best Practice Award

Commemorated as the 30th Anniversary Meritorious Enterprise of China's Commercial Service Industry Reform and Opening-up

He has won many awards of famous brands in China's washing and dyeing industry.

China's Top 100 Brand Licensing List


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